Rezola cider house

Open all year round. This cider house has an excellent small museum in the new building with antique tools involved in the cider making process.


It has a long family tradition in cider making in their own cellar and at the same time is one of the newest cider houses in terms of commercialization and its restaurant. As well as cider al txotx, it offers a rustic and welcoming atmosphere with a select variety of grills. Roast lamb and piglet are house specialties.

Meals and dinners

In season (January – April): Meals and dinners, sitting in large tables (traditional way to eat in the cider house) and tasting cider in txotx style. Traditional cider house menu and children’s menu. Schedule: Meals and dinners every days. Closed on Sunday night and Mondays.

Out of season (May – December): Meals and dinners, tasting cider in txotx style or from the bottle. Schedule: Meals and dinners from Thursdays to Sundays. Closed on Sundays night.

Capacity: 350 people

Additional information

Owner: Joxe Ramón Rezola

Adress: Santio Zeharra, 12. Astigarraga.
Telf.: 943552720 / 608143332