Useful tips for going to a cider house

How it works and what to do on a “txotx” day

Go to a cider house, initiate yourself in the rite of the “txotx”, enjoy watching people move from one place to another, eat standing up, with no dishes, etc. are some of the guidelines that must be present. You should know them to avoid being surprised by the situation. The experience is unique and must be enjoyed.

Come bundled up
The season starts mainly in winter and you are in a large open warehouse. Normally there is no heating and you have to move between two spaces, the dining room and the warehouse, with noticeable temperature differences.
No plate
Keep in mind that you eat without a plate. The traditional cider menu is enjoyed by sharing a single tap.
With an empty glass
The cider is consumed in the area of the barrels, in the warehouse. You have to go with an empty glass. Follow fellow cider drinkers while they yell “txotx” and get in the line created in front of the barrel. Try the cider, share your feelings with your mates and go back to the table with your glass empty.
The "txotx"
It is important that you learn to hold the glass correctly, tilt it to the point that the cider breaks on one of its walls and foams up. Observe others performing the rite and, if you have any questions, ask.
In evolution
Imagine that the cider is being made inside the barrel, since it is a living product. The cider you try in a barrel today will have other nuances in a couple of weeks. And each of the barrels contains cider with different flavours. And every cider house… And every vintage…
Have no equal
Try from different barrels, cider with different nuances… Imagine that there are few places you can try the variety of a natural product, made by artisans, before buying it.
You must follow the instructions of the cider pourer and the uses and customs of the cider house. Everyone has their place and should always go to the casks that the cider pourer opens or gives permission to drink.
The food and the cider The place and the environment The people around you and the authentic situation Singular.
Coffee in the village
The dessert marks the end of your stay at the cider house. You cannot have coffee, much less a drink. But the experience is not over. It takes place in the city centre, where you drink a coffee and the first few hours of a night to remember.


  • Book a table in advance.
  • Wear warm clothing and proper footwear.
  • Arrive at the cider house at 8:00p.m.
  • Follow the directions of the cider pourer.
  • Hold the glass properly and fill it a little.
  • Respect your neighbours.
  • Look, smell, and taste.
  • Share feelings with your neighbours.
  • Take your glass back to the table empty.
  • Park in the designated areas.
  • Have a coffee in the village.

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