About us

Sagardun is a public-private consortium dedicated to the sociocultural promotion of the cider culture of the Basque Country through tourism, consisting of:

Town halls


Town hall of Astigarraga

Sectorial associations


  • Alorrenea Cider House (Astigarraga)
  • Gartziategi Cider House (Astigarraga)
  • Gurutzeta Cider House (Astigarraga)
  • Oialume Zar Cider House (Astigarraga)
  • Txopinondo Cider House (Azkaine)
  • Zapiain Cider House (Astigarraga)

Natural Cider Association of Gipuzkoa

  • Etxeberria Cider House (Astigarraga)

Cultural groups

  • Astigar E.O.E.
  • Gure Izarra
  • Goldea Herri Kirol Batzordea
  • Mundarro Kirol Elkartea
  • Norberto Almandoz Musika Eskola
  • XaguXar
  • Zipotza Kultur Elkartea

Currently holds collaborative agreements with:

Town halls


Hernani Town Hall

ayto-usurbilUsurbil Town Hall

Sectorial associations

Sagardo Mahaia

  • Alorrenea Cider House (Astigarraga)
  • Altzueta Cider House (Hernani)
  • Barkaiztegi Cider House (Donostia-San Sebastian)
  • Begiristain Cider House (Ikaztegieta)
  • Egi-luze Cider House (Errenteria)
  • Gartziategi Cider House (Astigarraga)
  • Gaztañaga Cider House (Andoain)
  • Gurutzeta Cider House(Astigarraga)
  • Isastegi Cider House (Tolosa)
  • Olaizola Cider House (Hernani)
  • Sarasola Cider House (Asteasu)
  • Zapiain Cider House (Astigarraga)
  • Zelaia Cider House (Hernani)

Sagar Uzta

  • Aialde Berri Cider House (Usurbil)
  • Akarregi Cider House (Hernani)
  • Ekain Cider House (Zestoa)
  • Goiko Lastaola Cider House (Hernani)
  • Itxas-buru Cider House (Hernani)
  • Larre-gain Cider House (Hernani)

Rural accommodation associationss

  • Nekatur, Nekazalturismoa Association Agritourism and Rural Houses of Euskadi

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Plans and offers

Museum + Cider house

Take the tour of the museum with a cider house experience. Tour of the Museum + lunch or dinner with a typical menu

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Did you know...

The Network of Food and Wine Museums of Euskadi has seven gastronomic museums and a wide offer to discover and enjoy our culinary culture.