Exhibition and spaces

The Basque Cider Museum is located on Kale Nagusia 48 in Astigarraga

The ticket to the museum includes the visit to the apple orchard, the interpretation centre, and the cider tasting for adults and apple wort for kids. The museum areas are open for visitors to enjoy on their own, but tours are ALWAYS GUIDED. We accompany you on the tour to show you all the curiosities about cider culture. We speak four languages: Basque, Spanish, English, and French.

The apple orchard

The apple orchard is an outdoor space where the culture of the apple can be appreciated in a dynamic and educational way. There are various activities and demonstrations depending on the season, bringing the visitor to the fascinating world of nature in a pleasant, participative and fun context.

The Sagardoetxea apple orchard lets you observe and to study the different systems of cultivation in the same place, as well as a great number of varieties of apple from the Basque Country, the ways apples are picked, and the process of crushing and pressing them.

The tour of the apple orchard is included with the ticket to the museum. There are offers for specific activities depending on the time of year, and especially for groups.

Exhibition area – interpretation centre

At the foot of the apple orchard is the museum space, a closed centre endowed with all the resources and the most advanced technologies to show the history of this millenary drink through computer panels, interactive material, photographs and games; The past, present, and future of the exciting world of apple cider and its cultural importance in the Basque Country.

Exhibition area – aroma space

The museum space has a special area dedicated to the exploration of aromas, a unique space in which you will experiment and enjoy the different aromas related to the world of apples and nature: fruit, floral, natural aromas, etc. An evocative space where you can let your imagination run wild.

NOTE: visits to this area must be booked in advance.

This area is specially adapted for people with reduced mobility (PRM) and/or reduced vision, as it has information texts in Braille.

Tasting – tasting and shop

The third space Sagardoetxea features is dedicated to tasting, especially to everything referring to the initiation to the rite of the “txotx”, learning the ritual and the secrets that accompany the cider tasting: how to hold the glass, inclination to obtain a good foam or “txinparta”, visualization of the tone, meaning of the different colours, and distinction of the aromas.

Sagardoetxea also has a store where you can buy all kinds of products derived from the apple, including a great variety of ciders, as well as: worts, liqueurs, vinegars, etc. Also gourmet products, souvenirs, promotions, documentation, and information related to the world of cider.

The cider tasting is included in the ticket price. Children are offered apple wort (no alcohol).

Buy tickets

Tickets to the museum include the tour of the apple orchard, the museum, and a cider tasting, as well as other apple products for adults and apple wort for children


Museum + Cider house

Take the tour of the museum with a cider house experience. Tour of the Museum + lunch or dinner with a typical menu

The perfect plan

Did you know...

The word “sagarra” (apple in Basque) is not of Indo-European origin, therefore its use existed in the Basque language before the arrival of Indo-European cultures (Celts, Greeks, Romans, etc.).