Types of visits


Families have an special “Family Friendly” leisure offer during all the year: Sagardoetxea’s guided tours adapted for families, where the children know the pet Dasti. In autumn we offer the workshop “making apple juice in family” and special activities in the celebration of International Museum Day, European Heritage Days, Sagar Uzta eveny, etc. The aim os these activities is to share the culture of the cider in family.

Sagardoetxea has the especial publicationPlaying with apples” for families with riddles, games, etc. around the museum’s contents and the families can get it after the tour.

There are different experiences for those families that want to enjoy the cider culture: “Cider and the sea“, “Museum and cider house“, Sagartrekking, Dasti’s goose game, etc.



Individual visitors to Sagardoetxea can go on a self-guided tour of the apple orchard museum and the interpretation centre, although we always recommend the guided tour. You have a better experience of the contents of the museum, as well as the details and curiosities that await you in the world of cider.


Sagardoetxea adapts the experience to meet your needs. Schedules and guided tours are planned by group leaders with great flexibility. The characteristics of groups allow more didactic and dynamic activities. Special attention to retirement centres, companies, and professionals of the sector.

School groups

There is a special offer for schools. Guided tours are specifically adapted for different age groups of schoolchildren and there are practical activities depending on the time of year. Likewise, Sagardoetxea has edited specific didactic material for different school courses, from Primary to Secondary Education. If you wish to receive didactic material, send an e-mail to info@sagardoetxea.eus


Leisure groups also have a special leisure offer: Udajolas in Sagardoetxea. Visits and activities specifically adapted to deal with contents related to cider culture in a fun way during the holiday period.

The visit in scape room format “In search of the golden apple” takes place in the apple orchard, and is a challenge full of riddles to solve in group.


Sagardoetxea has a program of tours specifically for Euskaltegis in which two objectives are pursued: knowledge of cider culture and related vocabulary. Sagardoetxea has a cider dictionary (Sagardoaren Hiztegia) that gathers 500 words and is available to groups from euskaltegis to work on the content learned on the tour in class.

Museum + Cider house

Take the tour of the museum with a cider house experience. Tour of the Museum + lunch or dinner with a typical menu

The perfect plan

Museum + Cider house

Take the tour of the museum with a cider house experience. Tour of the Museum + lunch or dinner with a typical menu

The perfect plan

Did you know...

The Romans, according to some for medicinal purposes and according to others for more mundane purposes, took VINUM EX MALIS or apple wine. With the use of vulgar Latin becoming widespread in the north of the Iberian Peninsula, “sicera” evolved SIZRA, and finally, consolidated in the current term cider (sidra).