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Thursday’s activity: Paired dinner at Astarbe cider house

Description: Paired dinner with local and international ciders at Astarbe cider house, where the sommelier Juan Luis García (Casa Marcial – Asturias) will explain how to present cider to customers Location: Astarbe cider house (Astigarraga) Date: Thursday, 18 November Time: 20:30                                    See the menu Price: 50€




Friday’s activity: Adarrazpi + Dinner at bar Ikatza

Description: Guided tour of the Adarrazpi cheese factory and tasting of products made from sheep’s milk + Dinner with local products at Bar Ikatza. Location: Adarrazpi (Urnieta) / Ikatza (Astigarraga) Date: Friday, 19th November Time: 17:00 (Adarrazpi) / 20:30 (Ikatza) Price: 60€




Saturday’s activity: Chocolate workshop + Meal with beans

Description: Chocolate workshop + Meal with Tolosa’s beans. Date: Saturday, 20th November Time: – 10:30: Chocolate workshop – 13:30: Meal with Tolosa’s beans Price: 50€




Saturday’s dinner: Dinner at Alorrenea cider house

Description: Dinner at Alorrenea cider house in Astigarraga, to enjoy the traditional cider house menu. Place: Alorrenea cider house Date: Saturday, 20th November Time: 20:30 Price: 35€    

Dinner paired with local and international ciders

Hors d’oeuvre Cod chowder Ciders: Gartziategi 700 Designation of Origin Euskal Sagardoa Selection 1 natural ciders Basatxerri basque iberian ham Codfish omelette with eggs from Peluaga farmhouse in Oiartzun Ciders: Oiharte Markesa Designation of Origin Euskal Sagardoa Selection 2 high expression ciders Grilled Manuela ii octopus on confited Udapa potatoes, Artepe Bergara olive oil and paprika, plant-based vinaigrette and Mendiola apple Ciders: Trabanco Alicia Selection 3 second fermentations Grilled monkfish loin from Pasai San Pedro fishing guild on leeks confited in cider, traditional tomato emulsion and black olive oil Ciders: Astarbe by Hur 24 and Eric Bordelet poiré granit. Selection 4 high expression ciders Iparralde roast squab with reduction of its jus and offal. With Astarbe apple compote and iced chestnuts ciders: Weidmann & Groh Cydonia Selection 5 high expression ciders Platter of basque cheese, homemade apple chutney, sparkling by hur and goierri nuts (6 cheeses: Idiazabal, Roncal, Ossau Iraty, vaca, urdiña, trufa) Puff pastry of Astarbe and Mendiola apples perfumed with cardamom and walnut cream. Ciders: Panizales fire cider and Zapiain ice cider Bizi Goxo Aitona organic coffee 100% arabica