Zapiain cider house

Open during the txotx season (January to April). Today Zapiain is an avant-garde brand, the leading producer in the trade with a strong positioning in the market.


Traditional gastronomy: its famous cod omelet, the fried cod, the rib eye steak and finally the cheese with walnuts of the country. Meals and dinners standing on a high table, with the cider in txotx style as the only drink, directly from the barrels. All of its suppliers have been selected for the quality of the products. 

Meals and dinners

In season (January – April): Meals and dinners, standing in large tables (traditional way to eat in the cider house) and tasting cider in txotx style. Traditional cider house menu. Schedule: dinners from Monday to Saturday and meals on Saturdays.

Out of season (from May to December): Closed.

Capacity: 150 people

Additional Information

Owner: Miguel Zapiain

Adress: Kale Nagusia, 96. Astigarraga.
Telf.: 943330033
Fax.: 943555657

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