Iparragirre cider house

Open from the end of January until the second week after Easter. Iparragirre combines the modernity of its premises with the traditional flavour of its cider.


The current cider house carries an unknown history within its walls and foundations as well as in their old apple trees. This is the third generation dedicated to cider production.

Meals and dinners

In season (January – April): Dinners from Wednesdays to Saturdays. Meals on Saturdays and Sundays (the other days with reservation of groups). Closed on Sundays night, Mondays and Tuesdays.

Out of season (May – December): Closed.

Capacity: 200 people

Additional information

Owner: Arantza Eguzkiza

Adress: Osinaga Bailara, 10. Hernani.
Telf.: 943550328
E-mail: info@iparragirre.com
Web: http://www.iparragirre.com

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