Sarasola cider house

Open during the txotx season (January to April). 75% of the apples used are home grown.


Sarasola cider house, situated in the area of Asteasu known as Zabalgaina, started its journey in 1970. Although the beginnings of the cider house were as a neighbourhood cider house, where the neighbours would meet and try the house cider, in time it opened its doors to the public. 75% of the apples used in the cider production are home grown or from neighbouring apple trees. Current production is close to 120 000 liters per year.

Meals and dinners

In season (January – April): Dinners every day. Meals on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

Out of season (May – December): Closed.

Capacity: 150 people

Additional information

Owner: Inaxio Sarasola

Adress: Bebailara auzoa. Alkiza bidea. Asteasu.
Telf.: 943690283

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