International Cider Competition

Competition entry instructions

  • Enter all required information in registration for the international cider competition.
  • To take part in the competition you must pay 35€ for EACH PRODUCT registered.
  • The rates include:
    – Descriptive file of the assessment

    And for the awarded products:
    Badges for bottles
    – Diploma
    – Best in Class prize (txapela)
    – Best of Show prize (trophy)
    – A mention in Sagardo Forum 2023 magazine
    – Delivery of the prizes obtained
    Please proceed with the payment by bank transfer or by credit card in registration for the international cider competition.
  • Final date for registration: 10 November 2023 for countries outside the European Union (EU), and 17 November 2023 for countries within the European Union (EU). We strongly encourage entrants to register early and ship early to ensure that weather-related delays or other unforeseen events don’t prevent their entries from being judged at this year’s competition.
  • Once you have registered for the competition, please send 3 samples (bottles) of 75cl/50cl or 4 samples (bottles) of 33cl to:
    Fraisoro Laboratorio Agroambiental
    Sagardo Forum
    Finca Fraisoro s/n
    20159 Zizurkil
    Gipuzkoa – Spain
  • In order to coordinate imports from outside of the European Union (EU), we will need:
    – Proforma invoice (you can charge 1€ per bottle). It must include the packages, measurements and weight.
    – Origin of the merchandise and its value.
    – List of ingredients.
    – Alc. Volume
    – In addition, due to the plastic tax that came into force on January, it is necessary for the invoice to include the net kilos of plastic that the shipment includes (including packaging, containers, strapping…).
    – In case there is no plastic involved, just mention we do not need this information.
  • Medals will be awarded according to points reached:
    – Bronce Medal from 70 to 79 points
    – Silver Medal from 79 to 89 points
    – Gold Medal from 89 to 100 points
  • For each Class, a “Best of Class“, will be awarded by a selected Tasting Committe. In case of a tie, a special jury will taste and evaluate the cider again to choose the best cider in that category.
  • Finally, between all “Best in Class“, a “Best of Show“ will be elected among the Tasting Commite.

The awards ceremony of the International Cider Competition will be held on December 2 at 10:00 in Kursaal Congress Center (see location on Google Maps).

Who can enter the competition?

Cider producers from all over the world. The aim of this International Cider Competition is to honour the best European and world products through highly-professional ratings.

Description of the competition categories

Natural cider

Ciders produced mainly in Asturias, the Basque Country, Galicia and Cantabria. Cider made from 100% fresh juice of cider apples, unfiltered and unpasteurised, with carbon dioxide and sugar content exclusively of endogenous origin. The volatile acidity must be less than 2.2 g/l of acetic acid.

Dominant acidity

Cider made from 100% fresh apple juice from cider or dessert apples. Although the outstanding characteristic is the fixed acidity, these are ciders that can be elaborated using techniques such as clarification or filtering. Low carbonated level ciders (maximum 1.5 bars), which can be exogenous in origin.

Dominant bitterness

Cider made from 100% fresh cider apple juice. The most notable characteristic is the bitterness. Ciders with high tannin content. Generally made with bittersweet apples. Produced mainly in Great Britain (Somerset or Herefordshire), Normandy, Brittany, etc., but also in other places where this type of apple is used (often from France or Great Britain).

Premium sparkling ciders

Cider made from 100% fresh apple juice from cider or dessert apples. Ciders made by the traditional, ancestral or Charmat method. Endogenous carbon dioxide, not added. Forced carbonation is not allowed.


Ciders made with pear, either still or sparkling. Perry made from 100% fresh dessert or perry pear juice. Endogenous or added carbon dioxide.

Flavoured or Blended

These are blended ciders: apple/pear with other fruit/spices. Apart from apple or pear, other elements have been added such as flowers (elderberry, etc.), herbs (hops, etc.), fruits (berries, etc.) or vegetables (cucumber, bell pepper, etc.).


Modern production ciders where the use of concentrated juice is allowed, along with water, sugars, aromas or other sweeteners added after fermentation, and forced carbonation.


Ice, fire or other techniques in which the must has been reduced and then fermented. Sweet apple or pear ciders, whose sugar is exclusively residual (not added). May contain low carbon dioxide level (maximum 1.5 bars.).

Open category

Everything that does not fit in the other categories.

Why participate in this Cider Competition?

  • This Cider Competition will be judged by an international committe or renowned local, national and international (USA, Great Britain, Germany, France and Italy) cider tasters.
  • The national comitte include wine sommelliers from renwoned spanish restaurants, BJCP judges, Wine and Beer journalists and bloggers from all around the country.
  • The standard of the competition is guaranteed by the team of experienced professionals in International Competitions.

What can an award from the Cider Competition bring you?

  • Rising prestige and value of your products among Wine and Beer dealers in Spain.
  • The right to affix appropriate medal stickers to your bottles and the possibility to show the award reproduced in your promotional materials.
  • Award promotion among media partners.

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