Conferences of III. Sagardo Forum celebrated on 21-22 of November 2019 in Orona Ideo (Hernani):

The Raw Material: Apple Growing and Culture

– Organic apple cultivation in the world
Speaker: Josef Telfser (Italy), Member of the Organic Agriculture working group at the Laimburg Research Center.
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– The expression of the apple in its fermented products
Speaker: Rémi Bauduin (France), Chief of transformation at the French Institute of Cider Productions.
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– Presentation of Tokipomes and pollination projects
Speaker: Carlos Miranda, Department of Agronomy, Biotechnology and Food. Public University of Navarra (UPNA).
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– Genetic diversity of apple trees in Europe
Speaker: Jorge Urrestarazu, Researcher of the Advanced Fruit and Viticulture group. Public University of Navarra (UPNA).
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Cider tourism: Txotx experience:

– The experience at the cider houses
Speaker: Mikel Garaizabal, Wine and cider culture spreader, oenologist and sommelier.
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– Socioeconomical impact of cider houses in the Basque Country
Speaker: Lander Imaz, Basquetour Product Manager.
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– Family tourism at cider houses
Speaker: Nekane Igarriz, Representative of Hagoos travel agency.
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– Digital promotion of cider houses
Speaker: Iñaki Lakarra, Computer expert of Mondragon Unibertsitatea.
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Diversification of cider in the world:

– The experience of Armagh
Speaker: Sara Mcgeary (Northem Ireland), Tourism development and marketing professional in Armagh, Banbridge y Craigavon.
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– Cider Academy
Speaker: Gabe Cook (England), Representative of Beer & Cider Academy.
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