Traditional French Cider


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  • This includes styles from Normandy and Brittany and other ciders inspired by those styles, including ciders made by various techniques to achieve the French flavor profile.
  • These ciders are made with bittersweet and bittersharp apple varieties cultivated specifically for cider making. ABV: 2-5%.

Fruity character/aroma. This may come from slow or arrested fermentation (in the French technique of défécation) or approximated by back-sweetening with juice. Tends to a rich fullness. MLF notes of spicy-smoky, phenolic, and farmyard are common but not required and must not be pronounced. The French expect more subtle MLF character than do the English.

Clear to brilliant, medium yellow to amber color.

Typically made sweet to balance the tannin levels from the traditional apple varieties.
Medium to sweet, full-bodied, rich. Medium to full mouth-filling. Moderate tannin, perceived mainly as astringency. Carbonation moderate to champagne-like, but at higher levels it must not gush or foam.


Final date for registration is 10th November 2021. Having registered send 3 samples of 75cl/50cl or 4 samples of 33cl of each product to:

Fraisoro Laboratorio Agroambiental
Sagardo Forum
Finca Fraisoro s/n
20159 Zizurkil
Gipuzkoa – Spain


A maximum of 3 products may be submitted in this category.

To take part in the competition you must pay 30€ for EACH PRODUCT registered.

Fee includes:

  • Descriptive file of the assessment

And for the awarded products:

  • Badges for bottles
  • Golden, silver and bronze medals
  • Diploma
  • Best in Class prize (txapela)
  • Best of Show prize (trophy)
  • A mention in Sagardo Forum 2021 magazine
  • Delivery of the prizes obtained

Medals will be awarded according to points reached:

  • Bronze medal 30-37 points
  • Silver medal 38-44 points
  • Gold Medal 45-50 points

For each class, a “Best of Class” Will be awarded by a selected Tasting Committee. In case of a tie, a special jury Will vote and decide which one is the best of class.

Among all “Best of class”, a “Best of Show” Will be elected by a Tasting Committee.