Traditional english cider


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  • This includes the English “West Country” ciders and other ciders inspired by that style.
  • These ciders are made with bittersweet and bittersharp apple varieties cultivated specifically for cider making.
    English ciders are traditionally fermented and aged in wood barrels, which adds some character; however, the barrels used are rarely new, so there is no overt wood character. ABV: 5-8%.

No overt apple character, but various flavors and esters that suggest apples, particularly tannic varieties. English-style ciders commonly go through malolactic fermentation (MLF) which produces desirable spicy/smoky, phenolic, and farmyard/old-horse characters. These flavor notes are positive but not required. If present, they must not dominate; in particular, the phenolic and farmyard notes should not be heavy. A strong farmyard character without spicy/smoky or phenolic suggests a Brettanomyces contamination, which is a fault. Mousiness is a serious fault.

Barely cloudy to brilliant. Medium yellow to amber color.

Full. Moderate to high tannin, perceived as astringency and some bitterness. Carbonation still to moderate. Bottle-fermented or bottle-conditioned ciders may have high carbonation, up to champagne levels, but not gushing or foaming.


Final date for registration is 10th November 2021. Having registered send 3 samples of 75cl/50cl or 4 samples of 33cl of each product to:

Fraisoro Laboratorio Agroambiental
Sagardo Forum
Finca Fraisoro s/n
20159 Zizurkil
Gipuzkoa – Spain


A maximum of 3 products may be submitted in this category.

To take part in the competition you must pay 30€ for EACH PRODUCT registered.

Fee includes:

  • Descriptive file of the assessment

And for the awarded products:

  • Badges for bottles
  • Golden, silver and bronze medals
  • Diploma
  • Best in Class prize (txapela)
  • Best of Show prize (trophy)
  • A mention in Sagardo Forum 2021 magazine
  • Delivery of the prizes obtained

Medals will be awarded according to points reached:

  • Bronze medal 30-37 points
  • Silver medal 38-44 points
  • Gold Medal 45-50 points

For each class, a “Best of Class” Will be awarded by a selected Tasting Committee. In case of a tie, a special jury Will vote and decide which one is the best of class.

Among all “Best of class”, a “Best of Show” Will be elected by a Tasting Committee.